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2010-07-01 10:17:10

Encyclopedia of China Publishing House(ECPH) was founded on November 18,1978. In nearly thirty years ECPH presented such large general encyclopedic compilations as Encyclopedia of China (74volumes), Encyclopedia of China (Concise Edition)(12 volumes), Encyclopaedia Britannica (International Chinese Edition)(20 volumes), Encyclopedic Dictionary of China (10 volumes); almost one hundred specialist and local encyclopedias and a wide range of serial reference books and books of popular interest, totaling almost ten thousand titles. In cooperation with a great number of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan as well as American, England, French, German, Japanese and Korean, etc. overseas publishers, ECPH offered over one thousand titles. ECPH’s works also include more than two hundred electronic publications and audio-video products. ECPH run four periodicals: Encyclopedic Knowledge, Red Real Estate, mini Encyclopedia and City Weekend (English). More than 200 titles offered by ECPH were awarded the National Best Publications Prize, National Prize for Best Lexicographical Works or the Best Publications Prize of China.

ECPH is affiliated with the following editorial institutions: Electronic Audiovisual Publishing House, Knowledge Publishing House, Science and Technology Subsidiary, Social Science and Humanities Subsidiary, Children’s Encyclopedia Subsidiary, Education Subsidiary, Encyclopedia Compiling Center, Cooperation and Exchange Center, Encyclopedia Term Center, Art and Design Center, Academic Publishing Subsidiary, and Academic Editing Department. Having a total staff of nearly 500, among whom 200 are editorial and publishing professionals, and having editors expert in almost every field of modern science and culture, this publishing house is capable of publishing various kinds of popular books and cross-medium publications. A building complex of 18,800 km2, a well equipped computerized editor area, a library with a large collection of books, an encyclopedic terms center with enormous technological strength and all kinds of auxiliary facilities, all these enable this publishing house to provide comprehensive services in editing, publishing and issuance. Enjoying the right to manage foreign trade, we are also capable of carrying out import & export transactions of various publications with countries all over the world.

Marching into the 21st century, ECPH will make new contributions to the prosperity of China’s publication industry by taking over the country's tradition of the preparation of comprehensive compilations and making creative efforts, extending its interest to both modern and ancient, both Chinese and foreign academic achievements.

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